Even before his induction into the Green-Lantern Corps, Torquemada possessed the experience and wisdom that comes with wielding great power. Torquemada was an accomplished sorcerer whose history, prior to joining the Corp, was foretold to Hal Jordan in the Book of Oa. Torquemada was recruited by the Green Lanterns Brik and Percival. He eagerly embraced the life of a Lantern. Torquemada completed his training quickly and soon found himself the target of the mage Prentice, a member of The Yellow Circle.

The Yellow Circle was a sorcerer’s cult devoted to the practice of a distinctive yellow magic. Prentice sought to destroy Torquemada and steal the sorcerer’s power ring and power battery. Prentice attacked the Green Lantern through Giselle, a young woman under Torquemada's care and a budding student in the magical arts. Torquemada wished to avoid exposing the young girl to harm and was willing to surrender his power ring to the evil mage if it meant protecting Giselle. However, Prentice underestimated the young girl’s cunning. Thinking quickly, Giselle tempted the yellow magician into kissing her. Unknown to Prentice, Giselle had been cursed with a spell that would turn anyone who kissed her into solid gold. For some time, Torquemada had been using his own magic’s to free her from this curse. Prentice's threat was neutralized and his “statue” joined the gallery of those unlucky individuals who shared his fate.