Rond Vidar was the son of Universo and the only person with natural immunity to Universo's hypnotism, Rond has aided the Legion of Super-Heroes on many different occasions and been granted honorary Legion membership.

He proved to be a genius with his research of time-travel and time-manipulation theory. At an early age, he developed the Time-Cube, a device which could transport matter through the Timestream. The Time Cube would prove indispensable to the Legion, who used it to stop Rond's father, Universo, from taking over the world.

Soon the Legion made Rond an honorary member and he continued his research, collaborating on many experiments with Brainiac 5. While instrumental in many temporal advances, including the creation of the Time Beacon, Rond's experiments did have a disastrous outcome when his friend, Professor Jaxon Rugarth, was locked into a time loop, changing him into the Infinite-Man.