The Olympos XIII, formerly the Olympos XII, are a group of some of the most powerful guardians and overseers of the Digital-World. They are ancient, immensely powerful, and possess vast sway in regards to politics in the Digital World. The members of the Olympos XIII have partnered with people from Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, the Hunters of Artemis, the Justice League, and the Mythoverse and DC Multiverse counterparts of Mount Olympus in order to secure a number of alliances and formed a vital building block of the Cosmic-Pantheon early in the time of the Infinity-Merge.


Nayptuihne Olympos (Neptunemon)Edit

Partner: Percy Jackson

Juipyhter Olympos (Jupitermon)Edit

Partner: Jason Grace

Myhnervah Olympos (Minervamon)Edit

Partner: Annabeth Chase

Pluhytawe Olympos (Plutomon)Edit

Partner: Nico DiAngelo, Bianca DiAngelo, and Hazel Levesque

Dhyaena Olympos (Dianamon)Edit

Partner: Thalia Grace

Jhuinoe Olmypos (Junomon)Edit

Partner: Wonder Woman (Diana Themyscira)

Vulkhanos Olympos (Vulcanusmon)Edit

Partner: Leo Valdez and Charles Beckendorf

Vaynhes Olympos (Venusmon)Edit

Partner: Piper McLean and Silena Beauregard

Mhairyse Olmypos (Marsmon)Edit

Partner: Frank Zhang and Clarisse LaRue

Aypohlowe Olympos (Apollomon)Edit

Partner: Will Solace, Michael Yew, and Lee Fletcher

Mherukyri Olympos (Merukimon)Edit

Partners: Travis Stoll and Connor Stoll

Bakhuse Olympos (Bacchusmon)Edit

Partners: Castor Millbrook, Pollux Millbrook, and Dakota Shelton

Ciryse Olmypos (Ceresmon)Edit

Partners: Miranda Gardiner and Katie Gardner


  • Plutomon is the only joiner member of the Olympos XIII and the only member who was not a part of the original Olympos XII.
  • Wonder Woman and Thalia are the only human partners of the Olympos XIII that are partnered with a member that does not correspond to their divine parent, instead their partners reflect their patronage rather their lineage.
    • Thalia is a daughter of Zeus, but she is the leader of the Hunters of Artemis (Dianamon).
    • Wonder Woman is also a daughter of Zeus, but she is a Champion of Hera (Junomon).
  • Castor and Pollux are the only twin-siblings that are partnered with a member of the XIII.
  • Wonder Woman is the only human partner of the XIII that is not from the Mythoverse; she is instead from the DC Multiverse.
  • Jason and Thalia are the only human partners of the XIII that are siblings and not partnered with the same Digimon member of the XIII, but instead each have their own separate Digimon partners: Jupitermon and Dianamon.
    • By extension, Wonder Woman, who would be their alternate-universe half-sister, could be included in this category since she is partnered with Junomon.