Kairos FateWeaver's 81 Prophecy-Scribes are a large group of Lords of Change in service to the Oracle of Tzeentch, Kairos FateWeaver. The were charged by the Chaos-God Tzeentch to record the endless and insane ramblings of the oracle so that their contents could be discerned in order to increase Tzeentch's knowledge of all things. They were later killed and their souls absorbed by numerous beings from several universes, split in segments of 9, and their power, knowledge, and magic were turned into a powerful weapon for some of the most powerful beings in existence.


Orikal {Marvel universe}Edit

Martian-Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) {DC universe}Edit

Professor Paradox (Percival Pryce) {Ben 10 universe}Edit

White-Knight (Arthur Weiss) {Generator Rex universe}Edit

Jumba Jookiba {Disney Animated universe}Edit

White Mystic-Ranger (Udonna) {Power-Rangers universe}Edit

Dr. Herbert Cockroach {Monsters vs. Aliens universe}Edit

The CrowFather (Khorvyse) {DarkSiders universe}Edit

Chronos (Norton) {Incarnations of Immortality universe}Edit


  • The CrowFather is the only one of the nine Soul-Possessors to be associated with crows, corresponding to Tzeentch's representation/association with crows, ravens, vultures, and similar birds.
  • Jumba is the only member of the Soul-Possessors who has more than two eyes.
  • Udonna is the only female member of the Soul-Possessors.