The Incarnations of Immortality are a group of powerful magical beings. As a whole, the Incarnations represent the governing forces of the fate of the beings of the universe.

Major IncarnationsEdit

Incarnations of DayEdit

Thanatos, Incarnation of DeathEdit

Chronos, Incarnation of TimeEdit

Moirae, The Incarnations of FateEdit

Clotho the Thread-WeaverEdit

Lachesis the Thread-MeasurerEdit

Atropos the Thread-CutterEdit

Mars, Incarnation of WarEdit

Gaea, Incarnation of NatureEdit

Incarnations of NightEdit

Aether, Incarnation of SpaceEdit

Eirene, Incarnation of PeaceEdit

Minor IncarnationsEdit

Elpis, Incarnation of Hope (serves Gaea)Edit

Eros, Incarnation of Love (serves Gaea)Edit