The Cosmic-Pantheon is the most powerful collection of the servants of God among the forces of good ever assembled in all of existence. A vast alliance of unimaginably powerful beings, the Cosmic-Pantheon spans beings from every universe conceivable from every kind of origin that could possibly be thought.

Cosmic-Pantheon groupsEdit

DigiDestined (Digimon universe)Edit

Olympos XIII (Digimon universe)Edit

Ancient Legendary-Warriors (Digimon universe)Edit

Royal-Knights (Digimon universe)Edit

Ascended Demon-Lords (Digimon universe)Edit

Imperial-Pantheon (Warhammer 40,000 universe)Edit

Eldar-Pantheon (Warhammer 40,000 universe)Edit

Light-Signers (Yu-Gi-Oh! universe)Edit

Power-Rangers (Power-Rangers universe)Edit

Incarnations of Immortality (Incarnations of Immortality universe)Edit

DarkSiders (DarkSiders universe)Edit

Horsemen of the ApocalypseEdit

Guardians of Childhood (Rise of the Guardians universe)Edit

Cosmos-Lanterns (DC universe)Edit