Chthos-Chthas Chthatis was a relatively new Green-Lantern, assigned to patrol Space Sector 73 alongside his partner Sendrina. He hailed from the planet Chthistos in the Chthalonia System. Chthos-Chthas was assigned to rescue the daughter of a prominent politician, who had been kidnapped by the Children of the White Lobe. He tracked the kidnappers to Ranx the Sentient City, a living metropolis floating in deep space. Ranx was a dangerous entity and had no love for the Green Lantern Corps. Chthos reported his situation to Oa, and was ordered to hold his position until backup could arrive. With his partner Sendrina occupied with a turf war near the Osiris Cluster, Lantern Administrator Salaak sent Guy Gardner to aid Chthos.

Gardner was not happy with this assignment. He was already annoyed over the fact that Salaak had been repeatedly ignoring his requests for shore leave. He grew even more irritable over being assigned to "babysit" Chthos. By the time Guy rendezvoused with the Green Lantern, he was in a foul mood. It did not improve by meeting Chthos.