Alkahest, also known as Absolute-Material of European-Water, is known as the universal-solvent, it is considered one of the ultimate products of the European elements.


Pure-Essence of European-Water (Primary-Component)Edit

This is the basic component for Alkahest. Pure-Essence of European-Water is created by infusing Essence of European-Water with the Essences of Greek-Water, Roman-Water, English-Water, French-Water, German-Water, Spanish-Water, Russian-Water, Italian-Water, Irish-Water, Scottish-Water, and Hungarian-Water.

Alkahest is then produced by infusing Pure-Essence of European-Water with the Pure-Essences of European-Fire, European-Earth, European-Wind, European-Aether, the Seven Planetary-Metals, the Ten Mundane-Chemicals, and the Three Alchemical-Compounds.


Pure-Essence of European-FireEdit

Pure-Essence of European-EarthEdit

Pure-Essence of European-WindEdit

Pure-Essence of European-AetherEdit

Pure-Essence of the Seven Planetary-MetalsEdit

Pure-Essence of the Ten Mundane-ChemicalsEdit

Pure-Essence of the Three Alchemical-CompoundsEdit